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CData ODBC Driver for Amazon Marketplace 2019 - Build 19.0.7354

To connect to Amazon Marketplace, you can use either a DSN or an ODBC connection string. Both of these methods use the Database's Open method.

Connect to a DSN

To connect using a DSN:

var db = new Database();"DSN=CData AmazonMarketplace Sys", (err) => {
    // Use the connection

Provide a Driver Connection String

To connect using an ODBC connection string:

var db = new Database();"DRIVER={CData ODBC Driver for AmazonMarketplace};AWS Access Key Id=myAWSAccessKeyId;AWS Secret Key=myAWSSecretKey;MWS Auth Token=myMWSAuthToken;Seller Id=mySellerId;Marketplace=United States;;", (err) => {
    // Use the connection

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