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CData ODBC Driver for Amazon Marketplace 2019 - Build 19.0.7354

These hidden properties are used only in specific use cases.

Data Type


Default Value



The properties listed below are available for specific use cases. Normal driver use cases and functionality should not require these properties.

Specify multiple properties in a semicolon-separated list.

Caching Configuration

CachePartial=TrueCaches only a subset of columns, which you can specify in your query.
QueryPassthrough=TruePasses the specified query to the cache database instead of using the SQL parser of the driver.

Integration and Formatting

SupportAccessLinkedModeIn Access' linked mode, it is generally a good idea to always use a cache as most data sources do not support multiple Id queries. However if you want to use the driver in Access but not in linked mode, this property must be set to False to avoid using a cache of a SELECT * query for the given table.
DefaultColumnSizeSets the default length of string fields when the data source does not provide column length in the metadata. The default value is 2000.
ConvertDateTimeToGMTDetermines whether to convert date-time values to GMT, instead of the local time of the machine.
RecordToFile=filenameRecords the underlying socket data transfer to the specified file.

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