SSIS Components for Yahoo Shopping

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List of the uploaded product images.


The {i will use the Yahoo Shopping API to process WHERE clause conditions built with the following columns and operators. The rest of the filter is executed client side within the {i.

  • SearchTerm, StoreCategoryKey and SellerId support the = operator.
For example, the following queries are processed server side:
SELECT * FROM ItemImageList WHERE SearchTerm = 'img' 

SELECT * FROM ItemImageList WHERE StoreCategoryKey = 'store_category' 
You can turn off client-side execution by setting SupportEnhancedSQL to false in which case any search criteria that refers to other columns will cause unfiltered data to be pushed.


Name Type References Description
Id [KEY] String Product image identifier.
SellerId String Seller Id.
SearchTerm String Specify search word when performing character search on image name (Partial Match).If you specify more than one space, it will be an AND search.
StoreCategoryKey String


When acquiring the image list by store category unit, specify the page key of the store category.
Name String Image ID (store account _ character string excluding extension of image name)
UrlModeA String URL for A image display mode.
UrlModeB String URL for B image display mode.
UrlModeC String URL for C image display mode.
UrlModeD String URL for D image display mode.
UrlModeE String URL for E image display mode.
UrlModeF String URL for F image display mode.
UrlModeG String URL for G image display mode.
UrlModeH String URL for H image display mode.
UrlModeI String URL for I image display mode.
UrlModeJ String URL for J image display mode.
UrlModeK String URL for K image display mode.
UrlModeL String URL for L image display mode.
Size String Horizontal size of original image.
FileSize Long File size of original image (bytes).
UploadDate Datetime Update date.
PublishDate Datetime Reflection date.
EditingFlag Integer Edit flag 0: Reflected 1: State not reflected at the front after being edited.

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