JDBC Driver for Yahoo Shopping

Build 20.0.7587


Returns detailed data for each Order Line Item.


Name Type References Description
OrderId [KEY] String


Order ID.
Line_LineId [KEY] Integer Product line ID.
ItemId String Product ID.
SellerId String Store account ID.
OrderTime Datetime The date and time when the order was made.
OperationUser String It is the registered name of Yahoo! JAPAN business ID who carried out update work.
OrderStatus Integer Status of the order. 1: During reservation, 2: In process, 3: Hold, 4: Cancel, 5: Completed.

使用できる値は次のとおりです。0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8

CancelReason Integer Cancellation reason: Order Cancellation - 100: Cancel, 110: Returned Item, 120: Not Received, 130: Address Unknown, 140: Receiving Refused, 150: No Connection, 160: Duplicate Order, 170: Payment Unavailable, 180: Other, 300: Mistakenly Ordered, 310: Customer Using Points They Forgot to Use, 320: Customer Using Coupon They Forgot to Use, 330: Customer Found Cheaper Price, 340: Shipping Cost Too High, 350: Change of Shipping Destination, 360: Change of Shipping Method, 370: Change of Payment Method, 380: Credit Card Not Available, | Store convenience - 200: Settlement Method Convenience, 210: Missing Item, 220: Discontinued, 230: Other | Other - 0: Cancel reason n/a System cancellation | blank: Order not canceled.
CancelReasonDetail String The reason why the store has entered a cancellation reason when the reason is Store Convenience 230 (Other)
ParentOrderId String The splitting order ID when an order is split.
ChildOrderId String The second splitting order ID when an order is split.
MobileCarrierName String The type of mobile carrier.
NeedSnl Boolean Store newsletter opt-in flag.
LastUpdateTime Datetime The last modification date of order information.
SuspectMessage String A message when an order is judged as mischievous.0: Non-naughty order, 1: Mischievous order, 2: Mischievious canceled order.
SendConfirmTime Datetime The date and time of sending the order confirmation email sent when the order is newly entered.
SendPayTime Datetime The mail transmission date sent at the time of settlement.
PrintSlipTime Datetime The date and time when the order slip was output.
PrintDeliveryTime Datetime The date and time when we output the invoice.
PrintBillTime Datetime The date and time when the invoice was output.
BuyerComments String The comment string displayed by the buyer.
SellerComments String The comment string displayed by the store in the store.
Notes String A memo in the store when the store is entered with the order management tool.
Referer String Referrer information covering domain, search keywords, etc.
EntryPoint String The URL of the store page where the buyer entered the target store.
HistoryId String An ID that manages the update history of orders.
UsageId String The coupon usage ID.
UseCouponData String Detailed information on the coupon information.
TotalCouponDiscount Integer Of the amount discounted by the store coupon of all the products associated with one order, this becomes the discount total value other than the shipping fee.
ShippingCouponFlg Integer Free shipping availability. 0: None, 1: Present.
ShippingCouponDiscount Integer It is the discount amount of the carriage when applying free shipping coupons.
CampaignPoints String Comma separated list of breakdown points.
IsMultiShip Boolean Indicates if there is a multiple shipping order.
MultiShipId String ID that identifies multiple delivery orders.
YamatoCoopStatus Integer

使用できる値は次のとおりです。0, 1, 2, 3, 4

Shipping_CollectionDate Date The date when Yamato Transport collected the cargo.
Shipping_CashOnDeliveryTax Integer The tax amount for the delivery payments.
Shipping_NumberUnitsShipped Integer The number of packages sent by Yamato Transport.
Shipping_ShipRequestTimeZoneCode Integer Preferred delivery time zone number. Blank if not specified, 101: Morning (8:00 to 12:00), 102: 14:00 to 16:00, 103: 16:00 to 18:00, 104: 18:00 to 20:00, 105: 19:00 to 21:00.

使用できる値は次のとおりです。101, 102, 103, 104, 105

Shipping_ShipInstructType Integer The used delivery service category. 1: Direct cooperation, 2: Via couriers, 101: Yamato P & D.

使用できる値は次のとおりです。1, 2, 101

Shipping_ShipInstructStatus Integer The status of orders in Yamatopic & Delivery. 0: Not applicable, 100: Shipping instruction not yet accepted, 101: Waiting for shipping instruction, 102: Cancelled shipping, 103: Shipping instruction completed. 104: Shipping completed, 105: Delivery completed, 106: Undeliverable.

使用できる値は次のとおりです。0, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106

Line_PickAndDeliveryCode String The bar code information required for delivery.
Line_PickAndDeliveryTransportRuleType Integer

使用できる値は次のとおりです。0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Line_YamatoUndeliverableReason String The reason why Yamato delivery is not possible.
Detail_PayCharge Integer The fee set by the store (cash on delivery commission etc.). The settlement fee of Yahoo! settlement is different.
Detail_ShipCharge Integer Shipping fee (postage free coupon discount after deduction).
Detail_GiftWrapCharge Integer Gift wrapping fee.
Detail_Discount Integer Discount. The value entered in the price discount column on the store creator Pro after the store side is entered.
Detail_Adjustments Integer Adjustment amount.
Detail_SettleAmount Integer The same value as the total amount (TotalPrice).
Detail_UsePoint Integer Number of points used.
Detail_TotalPrice Integer Subtotal - usage point + gift wrapping fee + fee - discount + postage + adjustment amount - mall coupon discount amount.
Detail_IsGetPointFixAll Boolean Indicates whether or not the process of finalizing the grant points of all lines (goods) has been completed.
Detail_TotalMallCouponDiscount Integer Indicates the total value of the amount discounted at the mall coupon.
Detail_SettlePayAmount Integer When the order is split, this will not reflect the split amount. The total amount will reflect this.
Detail_PayMethodAmount Decimal Billing address Affiliation 2 Input information.
Detail_CombinedPayMethodAmount Decimal Billing address Affiliation 2 Input information.
Detail_IsLogin Boolean Login order.
Detail_FspLicenseCode String For details on the star club, please see the following page. http://starclub.yahoo.co.jp/.
Detail_FspLicenseName String For details on the star club, please see the following page. http://starclub.yahoo.co.jp/.
Detail_GuestAuthId String Guest authorization Id for guest orders only.
Payment_PayStatus Integer Deposit status. 0: Waiting for payment, 1: Payment already made

使用できる値は次のとおりです。0, 1

Payment_SettleStatus Integer Settlement status. 1: Settlement application, 2: Waiting for payment, 3: Payment completion, 4: Waiting for payment, 5: Completion of settlement, 6: Cancel, 7: Refund, 8: Expired, 9: Payment application, 10: Authorization error, 11: Sales cancelled, 12: Suica address error.

使用できる値は次のとおりです。1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Payment_PayType Integer Payment classification. 0: Postpay, 1: Prepay.

使用できる値は次のとおりです。0, 1

Payment_PayKind Integer Payment type. 0: Card, 1: Internet banking, 2: Carrier settlement, 3: Transfer, 4: Cash on delivery, 5: Convenience store, 6: Electronic money 7: Other.

使用できる値は次のとおりです。0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Payment_PayMethod String Payment method number. payment_a 1: Credit card payment, payment_a 6: Convenience store payment (7-Eleven), payment_a 7: Convenience store payment (Others), payment_a 8: Mobile Suica payment, payment_a 9: Docomo Mobile payment, payment_a 10: au Easy settlement, payment_a 11: Soft bank collectively payment, payment_a 15: Payee, payment_a 16: Yahoo Money / deposit payment, payment_b [1-6]: bank transfer (name is free setting of store), payment_c1: Japan Post Bank (prepayment), payment_c2: Japan Post Bank (postpay), payment_c3: registered mail, payment_d1: cash on delivery goods, payment_e [1-15 ]: Free payment method name of the store, payment_z1: Full payment of points.
Payment_PayMethodName String Payment method name.
Payment_SellerHandlingCharge Integer A settlement fee for the store's burden.
Payment_PayActionTime Datetime Purchase history detail screen It contains the payment update date and time.
Payment_PayDate Date The deposit date entered in the order management tool.
Payment_PayNotes String The contents of the remarks column of the deposit entered by the order management tool.
Payment_SettleId String Settlement ID.
Payment_CardBrand String In case of credit card it is the card brand name (VISA etc).
Payment_CardNumber String Only store of original merchant store contract is available. Encrypted character string information can be acquired.
Payment_CardNumberLast4 String The last four digits of the credit card.
Payment_CardExpireYear String The expiration year of the card.
Payment_CardExpireMonth String The expiration month of the card.
Payment_CardPayType Integer Card payment classification. 1: Lump sum payment, 2: Bonus lump sum payment, 3: Ribbon payment, 4: Installment payment

使用できる値は次のとおりです。1, 2, 3, 4

Payment_CardHolderName String The name of the cardholder
Payment_CardPayCount Integer The number of payments in installments.
Payment_CardBirthDay String Card date of birth.
Payment_UseYahooCard Boolean Yahoo! JAPAN JCB Card Availability.
Payment_UseWallet Boolean Wallet availability.
Payment_NeedBillSlip Boolean Whether or not you wish to have an invoice when ordering entered by the purchaser.
Payment_NeedDetailedSlip Boolean The presence or absence of the requested statement when ordering entered by the purchaser.
Payment_NeedReceipt Boolean Whether there is a receipt at the time of ordering entered by the purchaser.
Payment_AgeConfirmField String The field name set by the store in the age confirmation field.
Payment_AgeConfirmValue Integer Age confirmation field numeric input.
Payment_AgeConfirmCheck Boolean If the box has been checked when there is an age check check box.
Payment_BillAddressFrom String Billing address. P: UDB home address, B: UDB work address, ship: same as the addressee, O1: others, O2: other, O3: other 3 O4: other 4 O: other input.
Payment_BillFirstName String Billing Name.
Payment_BillFirstNameKana String Billing name (phonetic).
Payment_BillLastName String Billing surname.
Payment_BillLastNameKana String Billing last name (phonetic).
Payment_BillZipCode String Billing Postal Code.
Payment_BillPrefecture String Billing address Prefecture In case of overseas
Payment_BillPrefectureKana String Billing prefecture phonetic.
Payment_BillCity String Billing city / county.
Payment_BillCityKana String Billing County District Phonetic.
Payment_BillAddress1 String Billing address 1.
Payment_BillAddress1Kana String Billing address 1 phonetic.
Payment_BillAddress2 String Billing address 2.
Payment_BillAddress2Kana String Billing address 2 phonetic.
Payment_BillPhoneNumber String Billing telephone number.
Payment_BillEmgPhoneNumber String Billing telephone number (urgent).
Payment_BillMailAddress String Billing E-mail address.
Payment_BillSection1Field String Billing address Affiliation 1 Field name.
Payment_BillSection1Value String Billing address Affiliation 1 Input information.
Payment_BillSection2Field String Billing address Affiliation 2 Field name.
Payment_BillSection2Value String Billing address Affiliation 2 Input information.
Payment_CombinedPayType Integer Billing address Affiliation 2 Input information.
Payment_CombinedPayKind Integer Billing address Affiliation 2 Input information.
Payment_CombinedPayMethod String Billing address Affiliation 2 Input information.
Payment_CombinedPayMethodName String Billing address Affiliation 2 Input information.
Payment_PayNo String Payment number.
Payment_PayNoIssueDate Datetime Payment number issue date / time.
Payment_ConfirmNumber String Authorization number.
Payment_PaymentTerm Datetime Payment due date for convenience store payment, mobile Suica settlement, and payment settlement.
Payment_IsApplePay Boolean Availability of ApplePay.
Shipping_ShipStatus Integer Delivery status 0: Can not be shipped 1: Can be shipped 2: Shipping in progress 3: Shipped completed 4: Receiving completed.

使用できる値は次のとおりです。0, 1, 2, 3, 4

Shipping_ShipMethod String Delivery method number: any one of postage 1 - 14, 16.
Shipping_ShipMethodName String Delivery method name.
Shipping_ShipRequestDate Date Desired delivery day.
Shipping_ShipRequestTime String Delivery time desired.
Shipping_ShipNotes String Delivery note.
Shipping_ShipCompanyCode String Delivery company code 1000: Other 1001: Yamato Transport 1002: Sagawa Express 1003: Japan Post 1004: Seino Transportation.
Shipping_ShipInvoiceNumber1 String Delivery slip number information of the shipping company that the store set with the tool or API.
Shipping_ShipInvoiceNumber2 String Delivery slip number information of the shipping company that the store set with the tool or API.
Shipping_ShipInvoiceNumberEmptyReason String NULL: (Unregistered state) 101: For direct item from manufacturer's inventory 102: For goods that do not need shipping 103: For overseas receipt items 104: For direct contact from the delivery company 105: Document number Because it is not issued (can not be tracked) because of the delivery method.
Shipping_ShipUrl String Tracking URL of the shipping company that the store set with tools and APIs.
Shipping_ArriveType Integer Drinking 0: Normal 1 : School order 2: Matsutake order

使用できる値は次のとおりです。0, 1, 2

Shipping_ShipDate Date Shipment date entered.
Shipping_ArrivalDate Date It is the arrival date entered.
Shipping_NeedGiftWrap Boolean Presence or absence of gift wrapping.
Shipping_GiftWrapType String Gift wrapping type.
Shipping_GiftWrapMessage String Gift message.
Shipping_NeedGiftWrapPaper Boolean Whether or not.
Shipping_GiftWrapPaperType String Works type.
Shipping_GiftWrapName String Enter name (message).
Shipping_Option1Field String Option field Key information (field name).
Shipping_Option1Type Integer Option field Key information (setting).
Shipping_Option1Value String Option field Input contents.
Shipping_Option2Field String Option field Key information (field name).
Shipping_Option2Type Integer Option field Key information (setting).
Shipping_Option2Value String Option field Input contents.
Shipping_ShipFirstName String Destination name.
Shipping_ShipFirstNameKana String Destination name phonetic.
Shipping_ShipLastName String Destination surname.
Shipping_ShipLastNameKana String Destination surname phonetic.
Shipping_ShipPrefecture String Delivery destination Prefecture In case of overseas 'Other' is entered.
Shipping_ShipPrefectureKana String Destination prefecture phonetic.
Shipping_ShipZipCode String Delivery addressee postal code.
Shipping_ShipCity String Destination city / county.
Shipping_ShipCityKana String Destination city / county phonetic.
Shipping_ShipAddress1 String Destination address 1.
Shipping_ShipAddress1Kana String Destination address 1 phonetic.
Shipping_ShipAddress2 String Destination address 2.
Shipping_ShipAddress2Kana String Destination address 2 phonetic.
Shipping_ShipPhoneNumber String Destination telephone number.
Shipping_ShipEmgPhoneNumber String Destination telephone number (urgent).
Shipping_ShipSection1Field String Addressee affiliation 1 Field name.
Shipping_ShipSection1Value String Addressee affiliation 1 input information.
Shipping_ShipSection2Field String Addressee affiliation 2 Field name.
Shipping_ShipSection2Value String Addressee affiliation 2 input information.
Line_Title String Product title.
Line_SubCode String The subcode of the product when this value has been set.
Line_SubCodeOption String The subcode option when this value has been set. Both key & value.
Line_IsUsed Boolean Indicates whether it is a used item.
Line_ImageId String The product image ID.
Line_IsTaxable Boolean Tax object flag.
Line_Jan String Japanese Article Number code.
Line_ProductId String The product code (product number/model number).
Line_CategoryId Integer Category code.
Line_AffiliateRatio String Store burden rate.
Line_UnitPrice Integer Unit price of each item (amount after discount of store coupons) .
Line_ItemTaxRatio Integer Unit price of each item (amount after discount of store coupons) .
Line_Quantity Integer The quantity of each item.
Line_PointAvailQuantity Integer Points to be granted quantity.
Line_ReleaseDate Date Release date. This is only when there is input of release date. For release date bigger than order date, treat it as a pre-order.
Line_HaveReview Boolean Product review absence flag.
Line_PointFspCode String Point code by item. 10001 to 10015, 2001 to 20010.
Line_PointRatioY Integer Granted Point Magnification (Yahoo! JAPAN Burden).
Line_PointRatioSeller Integer Granted Point Magnification (Store Burden).
Line_UnitGetPoint Integer Number of credit points granted.
Line_IsGetPointFix Boolean Granted point determination flag.
Line_GetPointFixDate Date Granulation point determination date. After 14 days of order date, we will set the pre-order to 14 days after release date.
Line_CouponDiscount Integer Coupon discount amount.
Line_CouponUseNum Integer Number of applicable coupons.
Line_OriginalPrice Integer Unit price before discount.
Line_OriginalNum Integer Quantity before line splitting.
Line_LeadTimeStart Date Start of shipment date.
Line_LeadTimeEnd Date Shipment day end.
Line_LeadTimeText String Shipping date text.
Line_CouponData String Store coupons.

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