Excel Add-In for Acumatica

Build 20.0.7633

REST Data Model

The add-in models the Acumatica API as relational tables. Any changes to the remote data are immediately reflected in your queries; the table definitions are dynamically retrieved. When you connect, the add-in connects to Acumatica and gets the list of tables and the metadata for the tables by calling the appropriate Web services.

API limitations and requirements are documented in this section; you can use the SupportEnhancedSQL feature, set by default, to circumvent most of these limitations.


Shows default table definitions from Acumatica. Your actual tables may differ depending on your customizations. These tables were recorded as of version 17.200.001, but later versions may include more tables and fields than displayed here. The CData Excel Add-In for Acumatica reads table and column metadata dynamically, so it will include both your customizations and any new features that are added to standard Acumatica entities in the future. You just need to set the Url connection property to the latest version to get the changes.

Stored Procedures

Stored Procedures are function-like interfaces to Acumatica. They can be used to peform extra tasks that do not fit into the standard operation of directly interacting with a table.

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Build 20.0.7633