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Establishing a Connection

Configure a Connection Profile

From the CData ribbon, click Get Data and select From Acumatica to launch the CData Query window. To setup your connection, you will have to click the Select button. Here you can set the connection settings, test the connection, and save the connection profile.

Acumatica uses the Basic authentication standard. To authenticate requests, you will need to obtain the User, Password, Company and Url from Acumatica.

Connecting to Acumatica

Log into Acumatica in a web browser, and then navigate to the 'Web Service Endpoints' screen. If necessary, navigate to this screen by editing the web browser URL and replacing ScreenId=00000000 (the homepage) with ScreenId=SM207060. If you are redirected back to the homepage, this means your user does not have the necessary permissions to access web services. Under Endpoints properties get the Endpoint Name and Endpoint Version.

Set the following connection properties to connect to Acumatica.

  • User: Set this to your username.
  • Password: Set this to your password.
  • Company: Set this to your company. It is required when Schema is set to "OData".
  • Url: The base URL for the acumatica site. For example: https://domain.acumatica.com/
  • EndpointVersion: The version of the endpoint from theWeb Service Endpoints form. For example: 17.200.001
  • EndpointName: The name of the endpoint Web Service Endpoints form. For example: Default
  • Schema: There are two schemas which contains different data. The default one is REST which uses the Acumatica REST Contract Based Api and the OData which uses the Acumatica OData Api. The OData schema is used for Acumatica Generic Inquiries. Generic Inquiries need to be exposed via OData, On the Acumatica Generic Inquiries Screen check the "Expose via OData" checkbox.

Connection Properties

The Connection properties describe the various options that can be used to establish a connection.

Managing Connections

After successfully authenticating to Acumatica you will be able to customize the data you are importing. To learn more about this, see Managing Connections.

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