ODBC Driver for Acumatica

Build 20.0.7587

Major Changes

Changes in 2020

EndpointName and EndpointVersion properties are added to the 2020 version of our connector. This will change how the Url property is defined when connecting to the server. From now on, the Url connection property should be set to the Acumatica ERP instance Url, omitting the endpoint name and the endpoint version. These should be set to the connection properties added for this purpose. For example, if before this change you set the URL property to https://domain.acumatica.com/entity/Default/17.200.001/, you should now set the following properties:

  • Url : Set this to https://domain.acumatica.com/entity/
  • EndpointName : Set this to Default
  • EndpointVersion : Set this to 17.200.001

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Build 20.0.7587