ODBC Driver for Acumatica

Build 20.0.7587

Acumatica の最適化

Acumatica has introduced an optimization in version 3 of the Contract Based API. When multiple records are retrieved from the Acumatica ERP through an endpoint, the system tries to optimize the retrieval of the records and obtain all needed records in one request to the database. If the optimization fails, the system returns an error, specifying the entities or fields that caused the failure of the optimized request. Mostly the Navigation Views break the optimization because Acumatica is trying to get data from the linked tables, because of this the SELECT * queries from Navigation Views without specifying the key of the parent table are not possible. Our drivers tries to remove the columns that break the optimization from the SELECT * queries.

Some of the Views that break the optimization when selected without specifying the keyfields are JournalVoucher_Details. In order to qyery the JournalVoucher_Details the ParentBatchNbr should be specified.

 SELECT * FROM JournalVoucher_Details where ParentBatchNbr = '0001'

The view can be queried by geting the parent key field in this case ParentBatchNbr from the parent table JournalVoucher.

 SELECT * FROM JournalVoucher_Details where ParentBatchNbr IN (SELECT BatchNbr FROM JournalVoucher)

More information on how to bypass the Acumatica optimization can be found here: カスタムフィールド.

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Build 20.0.7587