JDBC Driver for TSheets

Build 20.0.7654


Returns a list of all jobcode assignments associated with users.

Table Specific Information


Query the JobcodeAssignments table. The driver will use the TSheets API to process WHERE clause conditions built with the following columns and operators. The rest of the filter is executed client side within the driver.

  • Id and UserId fields support the '=' and IN operators.
  • JobcodeId, JobCodeType, JobCodeParentId and Active fields support the '=' operator.
  • LastModified field supports the <=,<,>=,>,= operators.

For example, the following queries are processed server side:

SELECT * FROM JobcodeAssignments WHERE UserId IN (1242515, 1242515)

SELECT * FROM JobcodeAssignments WHERE JobCodeParentId = 17285791


Name Type Description
Id [KEY] Int Id of jobcode assignment.
UserId Int Id of the user that this assignment pertains to.
JobcodeId Int Id of the jobcode that this assignment pertains to.
Active Boolean Whether or not this assignment is 'active'. If false, then the assignment has been deleted. true means it is in force.
LastModified Datetime Date/time when this jobcode assignment was last modified.
Created Datetime Date/time when this jobcode assignment was created


Pseudo column fields are used in the WHERE clause of SELECT statements and offer a more granular control over the tuples that are returned from the data source.

Name Type Description
JobCodeType String Refers to the jobcode type - 'regular', 'pto', 'unpaid_break', 'paid_break', or 'all'. Defaults to 'regular'.
JobCodeParentId Integer When omitted, all jobcode assignments are returned regardless of jobcode parent. If specified, only assignments for jobcodes with the given jobcode parent_id are returned. To get a list of only top-level jobcode assignments, pass in a jobcode_parent_id of 0.

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Build 20.0.7654