Tableau Connector for Apache Impala

Build 20.0.7695

Advanced Settings

Other Properties

  • Database: A default database to use when one is not supplied in the SQL query. This enables using table names without having to specify database.tablename in the query.
  • PageSize: The number of results to pull per page from Apache Impala when selecting data.
  • QueryPassthrough: Indicates if the query should be passed to Impala as-is. When QueryPassthrough is set to false (default), the CData Tableau Connector for Apache Impala will attempt to modify the query to conform to Impala required format.

Connecting Through a Firewall or Proxy

Set the following properties:

  • To use a proxy-based firewall, set FirewallType, FirewallServer, and FirewallPort.
  • To tunnel the connection, set FirewallType to TUNNEL.
  • To authenticate, specify FirewallUser and FirewallPassword.
  • To authenticate to a SOCKS proxy, additionally set FirewallType to SOCKS5.

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Build 20.0.7695