MuleSoft Connector for SAP Business One DI

Build 20.0.7503

CData MuleSoft Connector for SAP Business One DI


The CData MuleSoft Connector for SAP Business One DI connects SAP Business One to Mule applications with familiar SQL queries.

Key Features

  • Real-time access to SAP Business One data in Mule applications.
  • Easily create Mule applications to backup, transform, report, and analyze SAP Business One data.

Getting Started

Getting Started explains how to establish a connection to SAP Business One and add the connector to your message flows.

Using the Connector (Mule 3.8+)

Using the Connector (Mule 3.8+) shows how to invoke the connector's operations to execute SQL.

Caching Data

An important feature of the connector is the ability to easily cache data locally. This allows the connector to be used in an offline mode when access to the data source is not possible. See Caching Data for more details on this feature.

Data Model

Data Model lists the tables, views, and stored procedures available for the connector.

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Build 20.0.7503