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Purge Type

PurgeType is an optional parameter that determines whether an incremental or full update will be performed on an entity.

Data Type


Default Value



Value Description
incremental(default) The upsert operation purges and replaces only the data specified in the request payload. The default upsert behavior is incremental purge unless you specify PurgeType=full.
full The upsert operation purges all existing data of the entry and creates new data specified in the request payload. If there are multiple time slices for the given record, the upsert operation with PurgeType=full deletes all the time slices and creates new ones specified in the request. If you want to keep a particular time slice, make sure to include all of its data in the request payload. If some time slices are missing, then import engine will delete them.
record Same behavior as incremental purge. This type of incremental purge is available only for MDF entities and the User entity.

Mandatory Field Governance During Upsert Since a full purge erases all existing data of an entry and creates new data, it follows the mandatory fields governance of the entity. Whether an entry exists or not in the database, you must provide all required fields in your OData Operations payload to be able to sucessfully upsert the entry.

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Build 20.0.7695