Cmdlets for Amazon Athena

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Parameters (Connect-AmazonAthena Cmdlet)

The following is the full list of the parameters of the cmdlet with short descriptions. Click the links for further details.

Parameter Required Description
AuthScheme    The scheme used for authentication. Accepted entries are: Auto, , AwsRootKeys , AwsIAMRoles , AwsEC2Roles , AwsMFA , AwsOKTA, AwsADFS , AwsCredentialsFile. 
AutoCache    Automatically caches the results of SELECT queries into a cache database specified by either CacheLocation or both of CacheConnection and CacheProvider . 
AWSAccessKey  True  Your AWS account access key. This value is accessible from your AWS security credentials page. 
AWSCredentialsFile    The path to the AWS Credentials File to be used for authentication. 
AWSCredentialsFileProfile    The name of the profile to be used from the supplied AWSCredentialsFile. 
AWSExternalId  True  A unique identifier that might be required when you assume a role in another account. 
AWSPrincipalArn    The ARN of the SAML Identity provider in your AWS account. 
AWSRegion  True  The hosting region for your Amazon Web Services. 
AWSRoleARN  True  The Amazon Resource Name of the role to use when authenticating. 
AWSSecretKey  True  Your AWS account secret key. This value is accessible from your AWS security credentials page. 
AWSSessionToken    Your AWS session token. 
CacheConnection    The connection string for the cache database. This property is always used in conjunction with CacheProvider . Setting both properties will override the value set for CacheLocation for caching data. 
CacheLocation    Specifies the path to the cache when caching to a file. 
CacheMetadata    This property determines whether or not to cache the table metadata to a file store. 
CacheProvider    The name of the provider to be used to cache data. 
CacheTolerance    The tolerance for stale data in the cache specified in seconds when using AutoCache . 
CleanQueryResults    Amazon Athena produces cache files with every query, in the folder specified in S3StagingDirectory . CleanQueryResults specifies whether these files should be deleted once the connection is closed. 
CredentialsLocation    The location of the settings file where MFA credentials are saved. 
Database    The name of the Athena database. 
EncryptionKey    Specifies the encryption key when encrypting results stored in S3. 
EncryptionType    Specifies the encryption option for query results in Athena. 
FirewallPassword    A password used to authenticate to a proxy-based firewall. 
FirewallPort    The TCP port for a proxy-based firewall. 
FirewallServer    The name or IP address of a proxy-based firewall. 
FirewallType    The protocol used by a proxy-based firewall. 
FirewallUser    The user name to use to authenticate with a proxy-based firewall. 
IncludeTableTypes    If set to true, the provider will query for the types of individual tables. 
Location    A path to the directory that contains the schema files defining tables, views, and stored procedures. 
Logfile    A filepath which designates the name and location of the log file. 
LogModules    Core modules to be included in the log file. 
MaxLogFileCount    A string specifying the maximum file count of log files. When the limit is hit, a new log is created in the same folder with the date and time appended to the end and the oldest log file will be deleted. 
MaxLogFileSize    A string specifying the maximum size in bytes for a log file (for example, 10 MB). When the limit is hit, a new log is created in the same folder with the date and time appended to the end. 
MaxRows    Limits the number of rows returned rows when no aggregation or group by is used in the query. This helps avoid performance issues at design time. 
MetadataDiscoveryMethod    API to use to retrieve the metadata for Amazon Athena. 
MFASerialNumber  True  The serial number of the MFA device if one is being used. 
MFAToken  True  The temporary token available from your MFA device. 
Offline    Use offline mode to get the data from the cache instead of the live source. 
Other    These hidden properties are used only in specific use cases. 
PageSize    The number of results to return per page of data retrieved from Amazon Athena. 
PollingInterval    This determines the polling interval in milliseconds to check whether the result is ready to be retrieved. 
ProxyAuthScheme    The authentication type to use to authenticate to the ProxyServer proxy. 
ProxyAutoDetect    This indicates whether to use the system proxy settings or not. This takes precedence over other proxy settings, so you'll need to set ProxyAutoDetect to FALSE in order use custom proxy settings. 
ProxyExceptions    A semicolon separated list of destination hostnames or IPs that are exempt from connecting through the ProxyServer . 
ProxyPassword    A password to be used to authenticate to the ProxyServer proxy. 
ProxyPort    The TCP port the ProxyServer proxy is running on. 
ProxyServer    The hostname or IP address of a proxy to route HTTP traffic through. 
ProxySSLType    The SSL type to use when connecting to the ProxyServer proxy. 
ProxyUser    A user name to be used to authenticate to the ProxyServer proxy. 
PseudoColumns    This property indicates whether or not to include pseudo columns as columns to the table. 
QueryCachingLevel    Modifies the usage of query results stored in S3StagingDirectory . Cached queries will not be scanned again by Amazon Athena until the amount of seconds specified in QueryTolerance has passed. 
QueryPassthrough    Whether or not the provider will pass the query to Amazon Athena as-is. 
QueryTimeout    The timeout in seconds for requests issued by the provider to download large result sets. 
QueryTolerance    Specifies the amount of time in seconds queries cache for if QueryCachingLevel is not set to None. 
RTK    The runtime key used for licensing. 
S3StagingDirectory  True  Specifies the location Amazon Athena will use to store the results of a query. 
SimpleUploadLimit    This setting specifies the threshold, in bytes, above which the provider will choose to perform a multipart upload rather than uploading everything in one request. 
SkipHeaderLineCount    Specifies the number of header rows to skip for SELECT queries. 
SSLServerCert    The certificate to be accepted from the server when connecting using TLS/SSL. 
SSOProperties  True  Additional properties required to connect to the identity provider in a semicolon-separated list. 
Tables    This property restricts the tables reported to a subset of the available tables. For example, Tables=TableA,TableB,TableC. 
TemporaryTokenDuration  True  The amount of time (in seconds) a temporary token will last. 
Timeout    The value in seconds until the timeout error is thrown, canceling the operation. 
Verbosity    The verbosity level that determines the amount of detail included in the log file. 
Views    Restricts the views reported to a subset of the available tables. For example, Views=ViewA,ViewB,ViewC. 
Workgroup    Work group of the executed queries. 

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