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Temporary Token Duration

CData Excel Add-In for Amazon Athena 2019J - Build 19.0.7354

The amount of time (in seconds) a temporary token will last.






Temporary tokens are used with both MFA and Role based authentication. Temporary tokens will eventually time out, at which time a new temporary token must be obtained. For situations where MFA is not used, this is not a big deal. The CData Excel Add-In for Amazon Athena 2019J will internally request a new temporary token once the temporary token has expired.

However, for MFA required connection, a new MFAToken must be specified in the connection to retrieve a new temporary token. This is a more intrusive issue since it requires an update to the connection by the user. The maximum and minimum that can be specified will depend largely on the connection being used.

For Role based authentication, the minimum duration is 900 seconds (15 minutes) while the maximum if 3600 (1 hour). Even if MFA is used with role based authentication, 3600 is still the maximum.

For MFA authentication by itself (using an IAM User or root user), the minimum is 900 seconds (15 minutes), the maximum is 129600 (36 hours).

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