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Query and create Facebook messenger properties.

Table Specific Information


Retrieve all registred facebook messenger properties:

SELECT * FROM FacebookMessengerProperties

Retrieve a specific registred facebook messenger property:

SELECT * FROM FacebookMessengerProperties WHERE PageId='1732555047025799'


To register a new facebook messenger property you must specify PageId, ApplicationId, ApplicationSecret, PageName, PageAccessToken, CallbackVerifyToken, EndpointUrl and ApiVersion:

INSERT INTO FacebookMessengerProperties(PageId,ApplicationId,ApplicationSecret,PageName,PageAccessToken,EndpointUrl,CallbackVerifyToken,ApiVersion) VALUES('1732555047025799','1093076390764037','03d537gg656gvkbe9b430f002e9c4517','SFMC Engineers','someaccesstoken4fasdcruib213123knubkdnfisdubnu12312ub3pijnb','https://graph.facebook.com/v2.6/me/messages','this_is_the_verify_token','v2.0')


Name Type ReadOnly References Filters Description
PageId [KEY] String False =

The PageId of the Facebook Messenger property.

ApplicationId String False

Facebook Application Id.

ApplicationSecret String False

Facebook Application Secret.

PageName String False

Facebook Page Name.

PageAccessToken String False

Access Token required to authenticate send messages requests to Facebook networks.

CallbackVerifyToken String False

Facebook Verify Token need to verify callback events.

EndpointUrl String False

Send API url of the Facebook network.

IsActive Boolean False

Indicate if the Facebook Messenger resource is active.

ApiVersion String False

The API version of the OTT property.

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