Excel Add-In for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Build 20.0.7695


Queues a contact import.


The columns available for the FieldMaps temporary table are the following:

DestinationDestination field map.
OrdinalOrdinal field map.
SourceSource field map.


Insert INTO FieldMaps#Temp(destination,ordinal,source) Values('_MobileNumber',2,'mobile number')
Insert INTO FieldMaps#Temp(destination,ordinal,source) Values('_CountryCode',3,'locale')
Insert INTO FieldMaps#Temp(destination,ordinal,source) Values('_SubscriberKey',1,'subscriber key')
EXECUTE QueueContactImport ListId='UEhwdktFWXpFZUs3Z3hRUW45R2dBQTo2Mzow', ShortCode='90913', Keyword='WELCOME', SendEmailNotification=true, EmailAddress='example@example.com'," +
          "ImportMappingType='MapByOrdinal', FileName='testdata.csv', FileType='csv', IsFirstRowHeader=true


Name Type Required Description
ListId String True The list id.
ShortCode String False The short code.
Keyword String False The keyword.
SendEmailNotification Boolean False Send email notification.
EmailAddress String False Email address the notification goes to.
ImportMappingType String False Field mapping type.
FileName String False The name of the file, including extensions.
FileType String False The only type supported is csv.
IsFirstRowHeader Boolean False Flag indicating whether or not the first row is the header.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
TokenId String The token Id of the queued contact import.

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Build 20.0.7695