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Query and create Line messenger properties.

Table Specific Information


Retrieve all registred line messenger properties:

SELECT * FROM LineMessengerProperties

Retrieve a specific registred line messenger property:

SELECT * FROM LineMessengerProperties WHERE ID='23493453984234345'


To register a new line messenger property you must specify ChannelId, ChannelName, ChannelSecret, IsTransactional, IsTestChannel, EndpointUrl and ApiVersion:

INSERT INTO LineMessengerProperties(ChannelId,ChannelName,ChannelSecret,EndpointUrl,IsTransactional,IsTestChannel,IsActive,ApiVersion) VALUES('23493453984234345','SFMC Engineers','03d537gg656gvkbe9b430f002e9c4517','',true,false,true,'v2.0')");


Name Type ReadOnly References Filters Description
ChannelId [KEY] String False =

The Id of the LINE Messenger property.

ChannelName String False

LINE channel name.

ChannelSecret String False

LINE channel secret.

CustomerConnectSecret String False

LINE Customer Connect Secret needed for validating LINE inbound events when using Switcher API.

IsTransactional Boolean False

Indicate if LINE channel is Transactional or Reseller.

IsTestChannel Boolean False

Indicate if LINE channel is a Test channel.

EndpointUrl String False

Send API url of the LINE network.

IsActive Boolean False

Indicate if the LINE Messenger resource is active.

ApiVersion String False

The API version of the OTT property.

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Build 20.0.7654