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Build 20.0.7654


Retrieves an audit log of a journey and its versions.


Name Type References Description
JourneyId String


A unique identifier for this journey that is generated and assigned by the journey API during creation.
JourneyVersion Integer


This number denotes the iteration of this particular journey.
Key String The customer key (also a unique identifier within the MID) for this journey.
Action String The actions used to build your audit log.

The allowed values are all, create, modify, publish, unpublish, delete.

The default value is all.

Name String This is the display name for this activity, it will be shown in the Journey Builder UI.
Description String This is the description for the journey.
ActionDate Datetime The datetime of the action.
UserId Integer Id of user who performed the action.
UserName String Name of user who performed the action.
ExecutionMode String The execution mode in which the journey is running.
OriginalDefinitionId String The original definition Id of the journey.
PublishRequestId String The Id of the publish request.
PublishStatus String The status of the journey publication.
Errors String Errors occurred during the action.
ContactsEjected String Ejected Contacts when journey is stopped.

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Build 20.0.7654