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Create, update, delete and query Campaigns.

Table Specific Information


Select all campaigns:

SELECT * FROM Campaigns

Retrieve a specific Campaign:

SELECT * FROM Campaigns WHERE Id = '3130'


To create a campaign, you will need to specify at least the Name column.

INSERT INTO [Campaigns] (Name, Description, CampaignCode, Color, Favorite) VALUES ('Test Camp', 'Test Description', 'tst 001', '0000ff', true)


Update operations are not supported for this table.


Campaigns may be deleted by providing the CampaignId of the campaign and issuing a DELETE statement.

DELETE FROM [Campaigns] WHERE Id = '5161'


Name Type ReadOnly References Filters Description
Id [KEY] Integer True =

The Id of the Campaign.

Name String False

Name of the Campaign.

CampaignCode String False

The Campaign code.

Color String False

The Campaign color.

Favorite Boolean False

True if marked as favorite Campaign.

CreatedDate Datetime False

The exact time when the Campaign was created.

ModifiedDate Datetime False

Last time the Campaign was updated.

Description String False

Description of the Campaign.

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