SSIS Components for Azure Data Management

Build 20.0.7587

Establishing a Connection

Connecting with the Azure Data Management Connection Manager

Adding a new Azure Data Management connection to the SSIS package is straightforward. Right-click within the Connection Manager window and select New Connection from the menu. Then, choose the Azure Data Management Connection Manager from the Add SSIS Connection Manager window.

Alternatively, you can create a new connection directly using the Azure Data Management Source or the Azure Data Management Destination. You can set the connection properties in the Azure Data Management Connection Manager window.

Authenticating to Azure Data Management

You can connect without setting any connection properties for your user credentials. Set the following properties:

  • InitiateOAuth: Set to GETANDREFRESH to avoid repeating the OAuth exchange and manually setting the OAuthAccessToken.
  • SubscriptionId (optional): A subscription Id is required for Azure API Management endpoints, so if you do not specify one, the component gets the first subscription Id available in your account.
  • Tenant (optional): Your tenant can be specified if you wish to authenticate to a different tenant than your default. This is required to work with a Subscription not on your default Tenant.

When you connect, the component opens the Azure Data Management OAuth endpoint in your default browser. Log in and grant permissions to the component. The component then completes the OAuth process.

See Using OAuth Authentication for other OAuth authentication flows.

Connect using MSI Authentication

If you are running Azure Data Management on an Azure VM, you can leverage Managed Service Identity (MSI) credentials to connect:

  • AuthScheme: Set this to AzureMSI.

The MSI credentials will then be automatically obtained for authentication.

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