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SpaceX Tables

Last Modified - 2019-03-13

The provider models the data in APIs into a list of tables that can be queried using standard SQL statements.

Generally, querying APIs tables is the same as querying a table in a relational database. Sometimes there are special cases, for example, including a certain column in the WHERE clause might be required to get data for certain columns in the table. This is typically needed for situations where a separate request must be made for each row to get certain columns. These types of situations are clearly documented at the top of the table page linked below.

SpaceX Tables

Name Description
ApiInfo Returns company info.
Capsules List All Capsules in SpaceX.
CompanyInfo Returns company info.
Cores List All Cores in SpaceX.
Dragons Returns all dragon capsules.
HistoricalEvents Get all historical events.
LandingPads Returns all landing pads.
LatestLaunch Returns the most recent launch.
Launches List all Launches.
Launchpads List all Launchpads.
Missions Returns all missions.
NextLaunch Returns the closest upcoming launch.
PastCapsules Lists capsules that have launched.
PastCores Lists cores that have launched.
PastLaunches List all past Launches.
Payloads Returns all Payloads.
Roadster Get current roadster orbit data.
Rockets Returns all rockets.
Ships Returns ships that assist SpaceX launches, including ASDS drone ships, tugs, fairing recovery ships, and various support ships.
UpcomingCapsules Lists capsules that haven't launched yet.
UpcomingCores Lists cores that haven't launched yet.
UpcomingLaunches List all upcoming Launches.
UpcomingLaunchesRest List all upcoming Launches.

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