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Represents data that encapsulates a location criterion.

Table Specific Information


There is only one way you can query Location Criterions. The LocationName column is required and should be always specified!

  • The following query returns all location criterions that fulfill the condition.

    SELECT * FROM [LocationCriterion] WHERE LocationName='Ontario'


Name Type Behavior DisplayName Description
CriterionId String ID of this criterion.
CriterionType String Indicates that this instance is a subtype of Criterion.
DisplayType String Display type of the location criterion.
TargetingStatus String The targeting status of the location criterion.
CanonicalName String Canonical name of the location criterion.
Reach Long Approximate user population that will be targeted, rounded to the nearest 100.
SearchTerm String Original search term, as specified in the input request for search by name.
CountryCode String This is used as a hint and suggestions are restricted to this country when applicable.
Locale String Preferred locale to be used as a hint for determining the list of locations to return.


SELECT ステートメントのWHERE 句では、疑似列フィールドを使用して、データソースから返されるタプルを詳細に制御することができます。

Name Type Description
LocationName String Name of the location criterion.

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