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CData ODBC Driver for Google Ads 2019J - Build 19.0.7354

Service to access basic details about any customer.



Customers をクエリする方法は2つあります。

  • 次のクエリは、指定した顧客を返します。

    SELECT * FROM [Customers] WHERE CustomerID=6101846543

  • 次のクエリは、すべての顧客を返します。

    SELECT * FROM [Customers]


Name Type Behavior DisplayName Description
CustomerId [KEY] String Client Customer Id.
CurrencyCode String CurrencyCode of the customer.
DateTimeZone String DateTimeZone of the customer.
DescriptiveName String Name of the Customer.
CanManageClients Boolean Boolean showing if Customer can manage clients.
TestAccount Boolean Boolean showing if the account is a test account.
AutoTaggingEnabled Boolean Boolean shofing if the AutoTagging is enabled.
ParallelTrackingEnabled Boolean Boolean shofing if the ParallellTracking is enabled.
EffectiveConversionTrackingId Long Id of EffectiveConversionTracking.
UsesCrossAccountConversionTracking String Boolean shofing if the UsesCrossAccountConversionTracking is enabled.
Snippet String Snippet.
GoogleGlobalSiteTag String GoogleGlobalSiteTag.

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