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CData ODBC Driver for Google Ads 2019J - Build 19.0.7354

Service to access details about any conversion tracker.



ConversionTrackers をクエリする方法は2つあります。

  • 次のクエリは、指定したコンバージョン トラッカーを返します。

    SELECT * FROM [ConversionTrackers] WHERE Id=123456789

  • 次のクエリは、すべてのコンバージョン トラッカーを返します。

    SELECT * FROM [ConversionTrackers]


Name Type Behavior DisplayName Description
Id [KEY] Long ID of this conversion tracker, null when creating a new one.
OriginalConversionTypeId Long The ID of the original conversion type on which this ConversionType is based.
Name String Name of this conversion tracker.
Status String Status of this conversion tracker.
Category String The category of conversion that is being tracked.
GoogleEventSnippet String The event snippet that works with the global site tag to track actions that should be counted as conversions.
GoogleGlobalSiteTag String The global site tag that adds visitors to your basic remarketing lists and sets new cookies on your domain, which will store information about the ad click that brought a user to your website.
DataDrivenModelStatus String The status of the data-driven attribution model for the conversion type.
ConversionTypeOwnerCustomerId Long The external customer ID of the conversion type owner, or 0 if this is a system-defined conversion type.
ViewthroughLookbackWindow Int Lookback window for view-through conversions in days.
CtcLookbackWindow Int The click-through conversion (ctc) lookback window is the maximum number of days between the time a conversion event happens and the previous corresponding ad click.
CountingType String How to count events for this conversion tracker.
DefaultRevenueValue Double The value to use when the tag for this conversion tracker sends conversion events without values.
DefaultRevenueCurrencyCode String The currency code to use when the tag for this conversion tracker sends conversion events without currency codes.
AlwaysUseDefaultRevenueValue Boolean Controls whether conversion event values and currency codes are taken from the tag snippet or from ConversionTracker.defaultRevenueValue and ConversionTracker.defaultRevenueCurrencyCode.
ExcludeFromBidding Boolean Whether this conversion tracker should be excluded from the
AttributionModelType String Attribution models describing how to distribute credit for a particular conversion across potentially many prior interactions.
MostRecentConversionDate String The date of the most recent ad click that led to a conversion of this conversion type.
LastReceivedRequestTime String The last time a conversion tag for this conversion type successfully fired and was seen by AdWords.
ConversionTrackerType String Indicates that this instance is a subtype of ConversionTracker.
PhoneCallDuration Long The phone-call duration (in seconds) after which a conversion should be reported
TrackingCodeType String Tracking code to use for the conversion type.
AppId String App ID of the app conversion tracker.
AppPlatform String App platform of the app conversion tracker.
AppConversionType String The type of AppConversion, which identifies a conversion as being either download or in-app purchase.
AppPostbackUrl String The postback URL.
Snippet String The generated snippet for this conversion tracker.
IsExternallyAttributed Boolean Whether this conversion is using an external attribution model.

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