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CData ODBC Driver for Google Ads 2019J - Build 19.0.7354

Service to access details about any campaign.



Campaigns をクエリする方法は2つあります。

  • 次のクエリは、指定したキャンペーンを返します。

    SELECT * FROM [Campaigns] WHERE Id=123456789

  • 次のクエリは、すべてのキャンペーンを返します。

    SELECT * FROM [Campaigns]


Name Type Behavior DisplayName Description
Id [KEY] Long ID of this campaign.
CampaignGroupId Long Id of the campaign group this campaign belongs to.
Name String Name of this campaign.
Status String Status of this campaign.
ServingStatus String Serving status.
StartDate String Date the campaign begins.
EndDate String Date the campaign ends.
AdServingOptimizationStatus String Ad serving optimization status.
AdvertisingChannelType String The primary serving target for ads within this campaign.
AdvertisingChannelSubType String Optional refinement of advertisingChannelType.
CampaignTrialType String Indicates if this campaign is a normal campaign, a draft campaign, or a trial campaign.
BaseCampaignId Long ID of the base campaign of the draft or trial campaign.
TrackingUrlTemplate String URL template for constructing a tracking URL.
FinalUrlSuffix String URL template for appending params to Final URL.
UrlCustomParameters String A list of mappings to be used for substituting URL custom parameter tags in the trackingUrlTemplate, finalUrls, and/or finalMobileUrls.
SelectiveOptimization String Selective optimization setting for this campaign, which includes a set of conversion types to optimize this campaign towards.
BudgetId Long A Budget is created using the BudgetService ADD operation and is assigned a BudgetId.
BudgetName String Name of the Budget.
Amount Long Amount of budget in the local currency for the account.
DeliveryMethod String Delivery method for the Budget which determines the rate at which the Budget is spent.
BudgetReferenceCount Int Number of campaigns actively using this budget.
IsBudgetExplicitlyShared Boolean If true, this budget was created with the purpose of sharing this budget across one or more campaigns.
BudgetStatus String Status of the budget.
Eligible Boolean If the campaign is eligible to enter conversion optimizer.
FrequencyCapMaxImpressions Long Maximum number of impressions allowed during the time range by this cap.
TimeUnit String Unit of time the cap is defined at.
Level String The level on which the cap is to be applied (creative/adgroup).
TargetGoogleSearch Boolean Ads will be served with search results.
TargetSearchNetwork Boolean Ads will be served on partner sites in the Google Search Network
TargetContentNetwork Boolean Ads will be served on specified placements in the Google Display Network.
TargetPartnerSearchNetwork Boolean Ads will be served on the Google Partner Network.
BiddingStrategyId Long Id of the bidding strategy to be associated with the campaign, ad group or ad group criteria.
BiddingStrategyName String Name of the bidding strategy.
BiddingStrategyType String The type of the bidding strategy to be attached.
BiddingStrategySource String Indicates where the bidding strategy is associated i.e. campaign, ad group or ad group criterion.
TargetRoasOverride Double The target return on average spend (ROAS).
VanityPharmaDisplayUrlMode String The display mode for vanity pharma URLs.
VanityPharmaText String The text that will be displayed in display URL of the text ad when website description is the selected display mode for vanity pharma URLs.
BiddingStrategyGoalType String Represents the goal which the bidding strategy of this app campaign should optimize towards.
AppId String A string that uniquely identifies a mobile application.
AppVendor String The vendor, i.e. application store that distributes this specific app.

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