JDBC Driver for REST

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Data Source

This property specifies a URI for the XML/JSON resource location.

Data Type


Default Value



This property specifies a URI for the XML/JSON resource location. This property is an alias to the URI property. Below are examples of the URI formats for the available data sources:

Service providerURI formats
Local localPath/file.json


HTTP or HTTPS http://remoteStream


Amazon S3 s3://remotePath/file.json
Azure Blob Storage azureblob://mycontainer/myblob
Google Drive gdrive://remotePath/file.xml
Box box://remotePath/file.json
FTP or FTPS ftp://server:port/remotePath/file.xml


Example Connection Strings

Below are example connection strings to JSON files or streams. See Getting Started for guides to authenticating and then Connecting to REST Data Sources.

Service provider Connection example Query example (if folder1 contains file1.json or streamname1 is a JSON stream)
Local URI=C:\folder1\file.json; SELECT * FROM file1
HTTP or HTTPS URI=http://www.host1.com/streamname1; SELECT * FROM streamedtable
Amazon S3 URI=s3://bucket1/folder1/file.json; AWSAccessKey=token1; AWSSecretKey=secret1; AWSRegion=OHIO; SELECT * FROM file1
Azure Blob Storage URI=azureblob://mycontainer/myblob/; AzureAccount=myAccount; AzureAccessKey=myKey; SELECT * FROM file1
Google Drive URI=gdrive://folder1/file.json;InitiateOAuth=GETANDREFRESH;
Box URI=box://folder1/file.json; InitiateOAuth=GETANDREFRESH; SELECT * FROM file1
FTP or FTPS URI=ftps://localhost:990/folder1/file.json; User=user1; Password=password1; SELECT * FROM file1

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