MuleSoft Connector for NetSuite

Build 20.0.7606

Major Changes

Discontinuation of User/Password

As of the 2020.2 release by NetSuite, web services using 2020.2 and higher will no longer support user / password authentication. This completes the direction NetSuite had been moving in 2020.1 to remove sessions from being obtainable via removal of Login/Logout from web services. While the CData MuleSoft Connector for NetSuite will still support user / password connections for versions prior to 2020.2, any Version value set to 2020.2 or later will require either OAuth or Token Based Authentication.

Multiple Schemas

As of the 2020 release, the CData MuleSoft Connector for NetSuite now supports multiple schemas. The Schema will now default to SuiteTalk. Schema may be set to SuiteQL to take advantage of the new API. Please see SuiteQL for more details on the new schema.

If you were previously setting the Location connection property, the folder used for Location must now contain a SuiteTalk and a SuiteQL folder for the CData MuleSoft Connector for NetSuite to operate correctly. This is to distinguish schema files used in each different schema. Make sure to copy in the files in your current Location directory into the new SuiteTalk folder in order for everything to continue operating correctly. In general, Location should only ever need to be set if RESTlets or Saved Searches are being used. Leaving the Location blank or set to the default will work with no additional changes.

Deprecation of Login and Session Changes

As of the 2020.1 release of NetSuite, sessions may no longer be established with the API via a Login / Logout request. This has made the connection property UseSessions obsolete, so we have had to remove it. This has been a part of NetSuite changes that have enforced individual integrations to be used in order to take advantage of session concurrency. This means that it is no longer possible to use User and Password authentication and along with concurrent requests.

Instead, you must use token based authentication or OAuth moving forward if you would like to take advantage of concurrent requests. If you are currently using user/password, we encourage you to take a look at switching to Using OAuth Authentication. Once you have created an integration in NetSuite, simply set the MaximumConcurrentSessions to match what you have specified for the integration.

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Build 20.0.7606