MuleSoft Connector for NetSuite

Build 20.0.7606


Returns the saved searches in NetSuite. A SearchType must be specified in order to retrieve saved searches.


Name Type Description
InternalId String The InternalId of the saved search.
Name String The name of the saved search.
SearchType String The type of search. This value must be specified when retrieving data.

The allowed values are Account, AccountingPeriod, AccountingTransaction, BillingAccount, BillingSchedule, Bin, Bom, BomRevision, Budget, CalendarEvent, Campaign, Charge, Classification, Contact, ContactCategory, ContactRole, CostCategory, ConsolidatedExchangeRate, CouponCode, CurrencyRate, Customer, CustomerCategory, CustomerMessage, CustomerStatus, CustomerSubsidiaryRelationship, CustomList, CustomRecord, Department, Employee, EntityGroup, ExpenseCategory, FairValuePrice, File, Folder, GiftCertificate, GlobalAccountMapping, HcmJob, InboundShipment, InventoryNumber, Item, ItemAccountMapping, ItemDemandPlan, ItemRevision, ItemSupplyPlan, Issue, Job, JobStatus, JobType, Location, ManufacturingCostTemplate, ManufacturingOperationTask, ManufacturingRouting, MerchandiseHierarchyNode, Message, Nexus, Note, NoteType, Opportunity, OtherNameCategory, Partner, PartnerCategory, Paycheck, PaymentMethod, PayrollItem, PhoneCall, PriceLevel, PricingGroup, ProjectTask, PromotionCode, ResourceAllocation, RevRecSchedule, RevRecTemplate, SalesRole, SalesTaxItem, Solution, SiteCategory, Subsidiary, SupportCase, Task, TaxGroup, TaxType, Term, TimeBill, TimeSheet, Topic, Transaction, UnitsType, Usage, Vendor, VendorCategory, VendorSubsidiaryRelationship, WinLossReason.

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Build 20.0.7606