MuleSoft Connector for NetSuite

Build 20.0.7606


Retrieves a posting transaction summary from NetSuite. This is the reporting mechanism available from NetSuite. All record reference columns may be used in filter using either either the = or IN operator. Other operator types are not available. For NetSuite OneWorld customers, ConvertToSubsidiary may also be specified as the subsidiary all response values should be converted to.


Name Type Description
Period_InternalId String
Account_InternalId String
ParentItem_InternalId String
Item_InternalId String
Entity_InternalId String
Department_InternalId String
Class_InternalId String
Location_InternalId String
Subsidiary_InternalId String
Book_InternalId String
OriginalAmount Double The original amount as returned by NetSuite in the currency of the subsidiary returned.
OriginalCurrency String The name of the original currency. Will only have a value if ConvertToSubsidiary is specified.
ConvertedAmount Double The amount converted to the currency of the subsidiary specified by ConvertToSubsidiary.
ConvertedCurrency String The name of the currency that has been converted to. Will only have a value if ConvertToSubsidiary is specified.
ConvertToSubsidiary String The subsidiary to convert to.
ConvertToRateType String The type of rate conversion to use. Defaults to Current if not specified. See the ConsolidatedExchangeRate table for the actual rates that will be used to make the conversion.

The allowed values are Average, Current, Historical.

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Build 20.0.7606