MuleSoft Connector for NetSuite

Build 20.0.7606


Creates the schema for the tables specified. Saves the schema at the location set by the Location connection property.


Name Type Description
SoapRequest String The complete SOAP request. This must include the envelope, header, and body.
SoapAction String The SOAP action to take. For instance, search.
BaseXPath String An XPath for pushing globally useful information such as page size and total records. For instance, /envelope/body/searchresponse/searchresult/recordlist/record.
EntityXPath# String A list of XPaths to entities that should be pushed on. For instance, /envelope/body/searchresponse/searchresult/.
ExceptionXPath# String A list of XPaths to exception messages to throw if found. For instance, /envelope/body/searchresponse/searchresult/status/statusdetail.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
ResponseSoap String The full SOAP response. This will only return if both EntityXPath and ExceptionXPath are not input.
* String Response values may vary depending on what is contained at the EntityXPath.

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Build 20.0.7606