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The transactionLine table.


Name Type References Description
actualshipdate Date Actual Ship/Receipt/Pickup Date
quantityallocated Double Allocated
quantitydemandallocated Double Allocated Demand
allocationalert String Allocation Alert
amortizationenddate Date Amort. End Date
amortizationsched String Amort. Schedule
amortizstartdate Date Amort. Start Date
creditforeignamount Decimal Amount (Credit) (Transaction Currency)
debitforeignamount Decimal Amount (Debit) (Transaction Currency)
netamount Decimal Amount (Net) (Transaction Currency)
foreignamount Decimal Amount (Transaction Currency)
amountlinked Decimal Amount Linked
fxamountlinked Decimal Amount Linked (Transaction Currency)
foreignamountpaid Decimal Amount Paid (Transaction Currency)
foreignamountunpaid Decimal Amount Unpaid (Transaction Currency)
assemblycomponent Boolean Assembly Component
quantitybackordered Double Back Ordered
isbillable Boolean Billable
billingschedule String Billing Schedule
billvariancestatus String Bill Variance Status
bomquantity Decimal BOM Quantity
buildvariance Double Build Variance
chargetype String Charge Type
class String Class
cleared Boolean Cleared
isclosed Boolean Closed
commitinventory String Commit
commitmentfirm Boolean Commitment Confirmed
quantitycommitted Double Committed
componentyield Double Component Yield
costestimatetype String Cost Estimate Type
createdfrom String Created From
billeddate Date Date Billed
cleareddate Date Date Cleared
department String Department
documentnumber String Document Number
dropship Boolean Drop Ship Item
entity String Entity
costestimate Decimal Est. Cost
estgrossprofit Decimal Est. Gross Profit
estgrossprofitpercent Double Est. Gross Profit Percent
costestimaterate Rate Est. Rate
vsoeisestimate Boolean Estimate
estimatedamount Decimal Estimated Amount
expectedreceiptdate Date Expected Receipt Date
expectedshipdate Date Expected Ship Date
expenseaccount String Expense Account
category String Expense Category
expensedate Date Expense Date
hasfulfillableitems Boolean Fulfillable
isfullyshipped Boolean Fully Shipped/Received/Picked Up
id Integer ID
isinventoryaffecting Boolean Inventory Affecting
inventorylocation String Inventory Location
inventoryreportinglocation String Inventory Reporting Location
inventorysubsidiary String Inventory Subsidiary
isrevrectransaction Boolean Is Amortization/Revenue Recognition
iscogs Boolean Is COGS
isfxvariance Boolean Is Fx Variance
isscrap Boolean Is Scrap
item String Item
itemtype String Item Type
kitcomponent Boolean Kit Component
blandedcost Boolean Landed Cost
landedcostcategory String Landed Cost Category
landedcostperline Boolean Landed Cost per Line
linelastmodifieddate Date Line Last Modified Date
linesequencenumber Integer Line Number
transactionlinetype String Line Type
location String Location
mainline Boolean Main Line
matchbilltoreceipt Boolean Match Bill To Receipt
kitmemberof Integer Member of Line
memo String Memo
oldcommitmentfirm Boolean -No label-
oldexpectedshipdate Date -No label-
orderpriority Double Order Priority
foreignpaymentamountunused Decimal Payment Amount Unused (Transaction Currency)
foreignpaymentamountused Decimal Payment Amount Used (Transaction Currency)
paymentmethod String Payment Method
price String Price Level
processedbyrevcommit Boolean Processed by Rev Commit
quantity Double Quantity
quantitybilled Double Quantity Billed
quantityonshipments Double Quantity On Shipments
quantitypicked Double Quantity Picked
quantityrejected Double Quantity Rejected
quantityshiprecv Double Quantity Shipped/Received/Picked Up
rate Decimal Rate
requestnote String Request Note
amortizationresidual String Residual
shipmethod String Ship Via
createdpo String Special Order
specialorder Boolean Special Order Item
subsidiary String Subsidiary
taxline Boolean Tax Line
donotdisplayline Boolean Technical Line
fulfillable Boolean To Be Fulfilled / Received
transaction String Transaction
transactiondiscount Boolean Transaction Discount
transferorderitemlineid Integer Transfer Order Item Line Id
uniquekey Integer Unique Key
units String Units

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