MuleSoft Connector for NetSuite

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The shipitem table.


Name Type References Description
accounthandling String Account (Handling)
account String Account (Shipping)
needsallfreeshippingitems Boolean All items must be purchased
description String Description
discountrate Double Discount Rate
isonline Boolean Display in Web Site
invt_dispname String Display Name
displayname String Display Name/Code
excludecountries Boolean Excluded For Countries
excludesites Boolean Excluded For Sites
externalid String ExternalId
fedexonerate Boolean FedEx One RateĀ®
freeifordertotalisoveramount Decimal Free If Total Over Amount
handlingflatrateamount Decimal Handling Flat Rate
handlingcost String Handling Rate
handlingaspercentageoftotal Double Handling Rate As Percent of Total
handlingperitemamount Decimal Handling Rate By Item
handlingbyweightamount Decimal Handling Rate By Weight
ishandlingbyweightbracketed Boolean Handling Rate By Weight Bracketed
handlingbyweightperquantity Double Handling Rate By Weight Per
handlingbyweightperunit String Handling Rate By Weight Unit
handlingtablechargeby String Handling Rate Table Type
handlingtableuom String Handling Rate Table Unit
hasmaximumshippingcost Boolean Has Maximum Shipping Cost
hasminimumshippingcost Boolean Has Minimum Shipping Cost
isinactive Boolean Inactive
id Integer Internal ID
isfreeifordertotalisover Boolean Is Free If Total Over
maximumshippingcost Decimal Maximum Shipping Cost
minimumshippingcost Decimal Minimum Shipping Cost
omitpackaging Boolean Omit packaging
returnservicecode String Return Label Integration
itemid String Ship Name
servicecode String Shipper Service Code
shippingflatrateamount Decimal Shipping Flat Rate
integrationservicecode String Shipping Label Integration
costbasis String Shipping Rate
shippingaspercentageoftotal Double Shipping Rate As Percent of Total
shippingperitemamount Decimal Shipping Rate By Item
shippingbyweightamount Decimal Shipping Rate By Weight
isshippingbyweightbracketed Boolean Shipping Rate By Weight Bracketed
shippingbyweightperquantity Double Shipping Rate By Weight Per
shippingbyweightperunit String Shipping Rate By Weight Unit
shippingtablechargeby String Shipping Rate Table Type
shippingtableuom String Shipping Rate Table Unit
subsidiary String Subsidiaries
doiftotalamt Decimal Web Site Visibility By Total Limit
doiftotaloperator String Web Site Visibility By Total Type
doifweightamt Double Web Site Visibility By Weight Limit
doifweightoperator String Web Site Visibility By Weight Type
doifweightunit String Web Site Visibility By Weight Unit
doiftotal Boolean Web Site Visibility Limited by Total

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Build 20.0.7606