MuleSoft Connector for NetSuite

Build 20.0.7606


The paymentEvent table.


Name Type References Description
amount Decimal Amount
authcode String Auth. Code
avsstreetmatch String AVS Street Match
avszipmatch String AVS Zip Match
cancelable Boolean Cancelable
cardnameoncard String Cardholder Name
cardstreet String Card Street
cardtokensubcard String Card Street
cardzipcode String Card Zip Code
cscmatch String CSC Match
eventdate Date Date
statusreasondetails String Details
externalid String External ID
handlingmode String Handling Mode
id Integer Internal ID
isodate String ISO Date
lastevent Boolean Last event
paymentinstrumentmask String Mask
maskedcard String Masked Card
merchantprintblock String Merchant Print Block
mitpurpose String Mit Purpose
pnrefnum String P/N Ref.
paymentinitiator String Payment Initiator
paymentoperation String Payment Operation
paymentprocessingprofile String Payment processing profile
paymentrequestid String Payment Request ID
paymentstatus String Payment Status
isadjustedexpirationdate Boolean Processed with Adjusted Expiration Date
request String Raw Request
response String Raw Response
statusreason String Reason
isrecurringpayment Boolean Recurring Payment
redirecturl String Redirect URL
shopperprintblock String Shopper Print Block
signaturerequired Boolean Signature Required
paymentinstrumentstate String State
testmode Boolean Test Mode
doc String Transaction

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Build 20.0.7606