MuleSoft Connector for NetSuite

Build 20.0.7606


The job table.


Name Type References Description
accountnumber String Account
enddate Date Actual End Date
actualtime Integer Actual Work
allowexpenses Boolean Allow Expenses
allowtime Boolean Allow Time Entry
alternatecontact String Alt. Contact
jobitem String Billing Item
billingschedule String Billing Schedule
jobbillingtype String Billing Type
calculatedenddate Date Calculated End Date
calculatedenddatebaseline Date Calculated End Date Baseline
category String Category
isexempttime Boolean Classify Time as Exempt
isproductivetime Boolean Classify Time as Productive
isutilizedtime Boolean Classify Time as Utilized
comments String Comments
contactlist String Contacts
materializetime Boolean Create Planned Time Entries
currency String Currency
currencyprecision Integer Currency Precision
customer String Customer
datecreated Date Date Created
defaultbillingaddress String Default Billing Address
defaultshippingaddress String Default Shipping Address
allowallresourcesfortasks Boolean Display All Resources for Project Task Assignment
entityid String Entity ID
estimatedcost Decimal Estimated Cost
projectedenddate Date Estimated End Date
projectedenddatebaseline Date Estimated End Date Baseline
estimatedgrossprofit Decimal Estimated Gross Profit
estimatedgrossprofitpercent Double Estimated Gross Profit Percent
estimatedlaborcost Decimal Estimated Labor Cost
estimatedlaborcostbaseline Decimal Estimated Labor Cost Baseline
estimatedlaborrevenue Decimal Estimated Labor Revenue
estimatedrevenue Decimal Estimated Revenue
estimatedtimeoverride Integer Estimated Work
estimatedtimeoverridebaseline Integer Estimated Work Baseline
fxrate Decimal Exchange Rate
externalid String External ID
forecastchargerunondemand Boolean Forecast Charge Run on Demand
isinactive Boolean Inactive
includecrmtasksintotals Boolean Include CRM Task In Job Totals
estimatedtime Integer Initial Time Budget
id Integer Internal ID
projectmanager String Job Manager
companyname String Job Name
jobtype String Job Type
lastbaselinedate Date Last Baseline Date
lastmodifieddate Date Last Modified Date
limittimetoassignees Boolean Limit Time and Expenses To Resources
entitynumber Integer Number
parent String Parent Record
percenttimecomplete Double Percent Work Complete
contact String Primary Contact
primarycontact String Primary Contact
altname String Project
entitytitle String Project ID
jobprice Decimal Project Price
timeremaining Integer Remaining Work
percentcomplete Double Rev Rec Override Percent Complete
startdate Date Start Date
startdatebaseline Date Start Date Baseline
entitystatus String Status
timeapproval String Time Approval

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Build 20.0.7606