MuleSoft Connector for NetSuite

Build 20.0.7606


The ItemFulfillmentPackageFedex table.


Name Type References Description
admpackagetypefedex String Admissibility Package Type
isalcoholfedex Boolean Alcohol
alcoholrecipienttypefedex String Alcohol Recipient Type
authorizationnumberfedex String Authorization Number
codamountfedex Decimal C.O.D. Amount
codmethodfedex String C.O.D. Method
codotherchargefedex Decimal C.O.D. Other Charge
packagingfedex String Carrier Packaging
priorityalertcontentfedex String Content Description
insuredvaluefedex Decimal Declared Value
deliveryconffedex String Delivery Confirmation
dryiceweightfedex Double Dry Ice Weight
signatureoptionsfedex String FedEx® Delivery Signature Options
codfreighttypefedex String Freight Charge Added to COD Amount
packageheightfedex Integer Height
itemfulfillment String Item Fulfillment
packagelengthfedex Integer Length
isnonstandardcontainerfedex Boolean Non Standard Container
packagetrackingnumberfedex String Package Tracking Number
priorityalerttypefedex String Priority Alert
reference1fedex String Reference Information
packagetrackingnumberreturn String Return Tracking Number
signaturereleasefedex String Signature Release
packageweightfedex Double Weight in Pounds
packagewidthfedex Integer Width

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Build 20.0.7606