MuleSoft Connector for NetSuite

Build 20.0.7606


The employee table.


Name Type References Description
accountnumber String Account
aliennumber String Alien Number
authworkdate Date Authorized to Work Until
birthdate Date Birth Date
class String Class
currency String Currency
datecreated Date Date Created
defaultacctcorpcardexp String Default Account for Corporate Card Expenses
defaultexpensereportcurrency String Default Currency For Expense Reports
defaultjobresourcerole String Default Job Resource Role
department String Department
eligibleforcommission Boolean Eligible for Commission
email String Email
employeestatus String Employee Status
billpay Boolean Enable Online Bill Pay
entityid String Entity ID
ethnicity String Ethnicity
approvallimit Decimal Expense Approval Limit
approver String Expense Approver
expenselimit Decimal Expense Limit
externalid String External ID
firstname String First Name
gender String Gender
globalsubscriptionstatus String Global Subscription Status
hiredate Date Hire Date
i9verified Boolean I-9 Verified
initials String Initials
id Integer Internal ID
isinactive Boolean Is Inactive
jobdescription String Job Description
isjobmanager Boolean Job Manager
isjobresource Boolean Job Resource
title String Job Title
laborcost Decimal Labor Cost
lastname String Last Name
lastreviewdate Date Last Review Date
location String Location
giveaccess Boolean Login Access
maritalstatus String Marital Status
middlename String Middle Name
salutation String Mr./Ms...
nextreviewdate Date Next Review Date
comments String Notes
purchaseorderapprovallimit Decimal Purchase Approval Limit
purchaseorderapprover String Purchase Approver
purchaseorderlimit Decimal Purchase Limit
residentstatus String Resident Status
issalesrep Boolean Sales Rep
salesrole String Sales Role
subsidiary String Subsidiary
supervisor String Supervisor
issupportrep Boolean Support Rep
targetutilization Double Target Utilization
releasedate Date Termination/Release Date
timeapprover String Time Approver
employeetype String Type
visaexpdate Date Visa Expiration Date
visatype String Visa Type
workcalendar String Work Calendar

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Build 20.0.7606