BizTalk Adapter for NetSuite

Build 20.0.7606


The transaction table.


Name Type References Description
abbrevtype String Abbrev. Type
accountbasednumber String Account Based Number
actionitem String Action Item
actualproductionenddate Date Actual Production End Date
actualproductionstartdate Date Actual Production Start Date
actualshipdate Date Actual Shipping Date
foreignamountpaid Decimal Amount Paid (Transaction Currency)
foreignamountunpaid Decimal Amount Unpaid (Transaction Currency)
asofdate Date As of Date
autocalculatelag Boolean Auto-calculate Lag
visibletocustomer Boolean Available In Customer Center
billingaddress String Billing Address
billingstatus Boolean Billing Status
isbudgetapproved Boolean Budget Approved
committed Double Buildable
buyingreason String Buying Reason
buyingtimeframe String Buying Time Frame
createdby String Created By
currency String Currency
trandate Date Date
closedate Date Date Closed
createddate Date Date Created
lastmodifieddate Date Date Last Modified
daysopen Integer Days Open
daysoverduesearch Integer Days Overdue
transferlocation String Destination Location
number Integer Document Number
tranid String Document Number/ID
duedate Date Due Date
enddate Date End Date
isactualprodenddateenteredmanually Boolean Enter Manually
isactualprodstartdateenteredmanually Boolean Enter Manually
entity String Entity
totalcostestimate Decimal Est. Cost
estgrossprofit Decimal Est. Gross Profit
estgrossprofitpercent Double Est. Gross Profit Percent
estimatedbudget Decimal Estimated Budget
exchangerate Decimal Exchange Rate
expectedclosedate Date Expected Close Date
externalid String External ID
isfinchrg Boolean Finance Charge
firmed Boolean Firmed
forecasttype String Forecast Type
fulfillmenttype String Fulfillment Type
userevenuearrangement Boolean Generates Revenue Arrangement
incoterm String Incoterm
id Integer Internal ID
isreversal Boolean Is Reversal
revision String Item Revision
journaltype String Journal Type
lastmodifiedby String Last Modified By
leadsource String Lead Source
linkedtrackingnumberlist String Linked Tracking Numbers
manufacturingrouting String Manufacturing Routing
memo String Memo
memdoc String Memorized Transaction Definition
message String Message
nextapprover String Next Approver
nextbilldate Date Next Bill Date
nexus String Nexus
opportunity String Opportunity
ordreceived Boolean Order Received
partner String Partner
foreignpaymentamountunused Decimal Payment Amount Unused (Transaction Currency)
foreignpaymentamountused Decimal Payment Amount Used (Transaction Currency)
paymenthold Boolean Payment Hold
paymentmethod String Payment Method
paymentoption String Payment Option
ordpicked Boolean Picked
otherrefnum String PO/Check Number
posting Boolean Posting
postingperiod String Posting Period
printedpickingticket Boolean Printed Picking Ticket
probability Double Probability (%)
projectedtotal Decimal Projected Total
rangehigh Decimal Range High
rangelow Decimal Range Low
recordtype String Record Type
reversaldate Date Reversal Date
reversal String Reversal Doc
salesreadiness String Sales Readiness
employee String Sales Rep
schedulingmethod String Scheduling Method
shipcomplete Boolean Ship Complete
shipdate Date Ship Date
shippingaddress String Shipping Address
source String Source
sourcetransaction String Source Transaction
startdate Date Start Date
status String Status
entitystatus String Status (Customer)
terms String Terms
title String Title
tosubsidiary String To Subsidiary
trandisplayname String Transaction
transactionnumber String Transaction Number
type String Type
typebaseddocumentnumber String Type Based Document Number
useitemcostastransfercost Boolean Use Item Cost As Transfer Cost
void Boolean Void
voided Boolean Voided
website String Website
weightedtotal Decimal Weighted Total
winlossreason String Win/Loss Reason

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Build 20.0.7606