BizTalk Adapter for NetSuite

Build 20.0.7606


The SystemNote2 table.


Name Type References Description
context String Context
timestamputc Date Date Changed
datefrom Date Date From
dateto Date Date to
elementfullname String Element Full Name
locale String Locale
valuenewboolean Boolean New Boolean Value
valuenewdate Date New Date Value
valuenewdisplayname String New Display Value
valuenewnumber Decimal New Numeric Value
valuenewreference Integer New Reference - Part 1
valuenewreference2 Integer New Reference - Part 2
valuenewstring String New String Value
objectactiontype String Object Action Type
objectelementkey Integer Object Element Key
objectelementname String Object Element Name
objectid Integer Object Id
instancename String Object Name
valueoldboolean Boolean Old Boolean Value
valueolddate Date Old Date Value
valueolddisplayname String Old Display Value
valueoldnumber Decimal Old Numeric Value
valueoldreference Integer Old Reference - Part 1
valueoldreference2 Integer Old Reference - Part 2
valueoldstring String Old String Value
objectparent Integer Parent Object Id
rolename String Role
role Integer Role ID
rootobjectbkey1 Boolean Root Object - Boolean Key #1
rootobjectbkey2 Boolean Root Object - Boolean Key #2
rootobjectdkey1 Date Root Object - Date Key
rootobjectelementkey Integer Root Object Element Key
rootobjectelementname String Root Object Element Name
objectroot Integer Root Object Id
rootinstancename String Root Object Name
rootobjectnkey1 Integer Root Object - Numeric Key #1
rootobjectnkey2 Integer Root Object - Numeric Key #2
rootobjectnkey3 Integer Root Object - Numeric Key #3
rootobjectnkey4 Integer Root Object - Numeric Key #4
rootobjectskey1 String Root Object - String Key #1
rootobjectskey3 String Root Object - String Key #3
runid Integer Run ID
valueactiontype String Value Action Type
valuedatatype String Value Data Type
valueelementkey Integer Value Element Key

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Build 20.0.7606