BizTalk Adapter for NetSuite

Build 20.0.7606


The ShipmentPackage table.


Name Type References Description
admissibilitypackagetype String Admissibility Package Type
alcoholrecipienttype String Alcohol Recipient Type
authorizationnumber String Authorization Number
codothercharge Decimal C.O.D. Other Charge
carrierpackaging String Carrier Packaging
cashondeliveryamount Decimal Cash On Delivery Amount
cashondeliverymethod String Cash On Delivery Method
priorityalertcontent String Content Description
contentsdescription String Contents Description
declaredvalue Decimal Declared Value
deliveryconfirmation String Delivery Confirmation
dimensionunit String Dimension Unit
dryiceweight Double Dry Ice Weight
signatureoption String FedEx® Delivery Signature Options
freightchargeaddedtocod String Freight Charge Added To C.O.D.
hasadditionalhandling Boolean Has Additional Handling
hascashondelivery Boolean Has Cash On Delivery
hasdeclaredvalue Boolean Has Declared Value
hasinsuredvalue Boolean Has Insured Value
height Integer Height
insuredvalue Decimal Insured Value
isalcohol Boolean Is Alcohol
isnonhazardouslibatteries Boolean Is Non Hazardous Lithium Batteries
isnonstandardcontainer Boolean Is Non Standard Container
itemfulfillment String Item Fulfillment
length Integer Length
priorityalerttype String Priority Alert Type
reference String Reference
reference2 String Reference #2
sequencenumber Integer Sequence Number
signaturerelease String Signature Release
trackingnumber String TrackingNumber
weightinlbs Double Weight in Pounds
width Integer Width

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Build 20.0.7606