BizTalk Adapter for NetSuite

Build 20.0.7606


The item table.


Name Type References Description
alternatedemandsourceitem String Alternate Source Item
amortizationperiod Integer Amortization Period
amortizationtemplate String Amortization Template
assetaccount String Asset Account
atpmethod String ATP Method
availabletopartners Boolean Available to Adv. Partners
averagecost Decimal Average Cost
backwardconsumptiondays Integer Backward Consumption Days
billingschedule String Billing Schedule
overallquantitypricingtype String Calculate Quantity Discounts
isfulfillable Boolean Can be Fulfilled
class String Class
consumptionunit String Consumption
copydescription Boolean Copy from Sales Order
costcategory String Cost Category
costestimatetype String Cost Estimate Type
costingmethod String Costing Method
createjob Boolean Create Job
custreturnvarianceaccount String Customer Return Variance Account
createddate Date Date Created
deferralaccount String Deferred Expense
demandsource String Demand Source
demandtimefence Integer Demand Time Fence
department String Department
description String Description
storedetaileddescription String Detailed Description
isonline Boolean Display in Web Site
displayname String Display Name/Code
distributioncategory String Distribution Category
distributionnetwork String Distribution Network
dontshowprice Boolean Don't Show Price
dropshipexpenseaccount String Dropship Expense Account
isdropshipitem Boolean Drop Ship Item
effectivebomcontrol String Effective BOM Control
enforceminqtyinternally Boolean Enforce Minimum Internally
demandmodifier Double Estimated Demand Change
billexchratevarianceacct String Exchange Rate Variance Account
excludefromsitemap Boolean Exclude from Sitemap
expenseaccount String Expense/COGS Account
externalid String External ID
featureddescription String Featured Description
fixedlotsize Double Fixed Lot Size
forwardconsumptiondays Integer Forward Consumption Days
fullname String Full Name
gainlossaccount String Gain/Loss Account
generateaccruals Boolean Generate Accruals
froogleproductfeed Boolean Google Base Product Feed
handlingcost Decimal Handling Cost
isinactive Boolean Inactive
includechildren Boolean Include Children
incomeaccount String Income Account
id Integer Internal ID
costestimate Decimal Item Defined Cost
storedisplayimage String Item Display Image
storedisplaythumbnail String Item Display Thumbnail
itemid String Item Name/Number
weight Double Item Weight
lastmodifieddate Date Last Modified
lastpurchaseprice Decimal Last Purchase Price
leadtime Integer Lead Time
location String Location
islotitem Boolean Lot Numbered
supplylotsizingmethod String Lot Sizing Method
manufacturer String Manufacturer
countryofmanufacture String Manufacturer Country
mpn String Manufacturer Part Number
manufacturingchargeitem Boolean Manufacturing Charge Item
buildentireassembly Boolean Mark Sub-assemblies Phantom
matchbilltoreceipt Boolean Match Bill To Receipt
matrixitemnametemplate String Matrix Item Name Template
matrixtype String Matrix Type
maximumquantity Integer Maximum Order Qty
maxdonationamount Decimal Maximum Variable Amount
metataghtml String Meta Tag HTML
minimumquantity Integer Minimum Order Qty
nextagcategory String NexTag Category
nextagproductfeed Boolean NexTag Product Feed
nopricemessage String No Price Message
outofstockbehavior String Out Of Stock Behavior
outofstockmessage String Out Of Stock Message
overheadtype String Overhead Type
shippackage String Package
pagetitle String Page Title
periodiclotsizedays Integer Periods of Supply Increment
periodiclotsizetype String Periods of Supply Type
isphantom Boolean Phantom
supplytimefence Integer Planning Time Fence
preferredlocation String Preferred Location
billpricevarianceacct String Price Variance Account
pricinggroup String Pricing Group
printitems Boolean Print Items
prodpricevarianceacct String Production Price Variance Account
prodqtyvarianceacct String Production Quantity Variance Account
projecttemplate String Project Template
purchasedescription String Purchase Description
cost Decimal Purchase Price
fxcost Decimal Purchase Price (Foreign Currency)
purchasepricevarianceacct String Purchase Price Variance Account
purchaseunit String Purchase Unit
quantitypricingschedule String Quantity Pricing Schedule
billqtyvarianceacct String Quantity Variance Account
relateditemsdescription String Related Items Description
supplyreplenishmentmethod String Replenishment Method
rescheduleindays Integer Reschedule In Days
rescheduleoutdays Integer Reschedule Out Days
residual Rate Residual
roundupascomponent Boolean Round Up Quantity as Component
safetystocklevel Double Safety Stock Level
saleunit String Sale Unit
scrapacct String Scrap Account
searchkeywords String Search Keywords
seasonaldemand Boolean Seasonal Demand
isserialitem Boolean Serialized
shippingcost Decimal Shipping Cost
shipindividually Boolean Ships Individually
shoppingdotcomcategory String Category
shoppingproductfeed Boolean Shopping Product Feed
shopzillacategoryid Integer Shopzilla Category ID
shopzillaproductfeed Boolean Shopzilla Product Feed
showdefaultdonationamount Boolean Show Default Amount
sitemappriority String Sitemap Priority
isspecialorderitem Boolean Special Order Item
isspecialworkorderitem Boolean Special Work Order Item
stockdescription String Stock Description
stockunit String Stock Unit
storedescription String Store Description
storedisplayname String Store Display Name
parent String Subitem of
subsidiary String Subsidiary
subtype String Subtype
supplytype String Supply Type
totalquantityonhand Double Total Quantity On Hand
totalvalue Decimal Total Value
tracklandedcost Boolean Track Landed Cost
transferprice Decimal Transfer Price
itemtype String Type
unbuildvarianceaccount String Unbuild Variance Account
unitstype String Units Type
upccode String UPC Code
urlcomponent String URL Component
usecomponentyield Boolean Use Component Yield
usemarginalrates Boolean Use Marginal Rates
isdonationitem Boolean Variable Amount
receiptamount Double Vendor Bill - Item Receipt Amount Tolerance
receiptquantitydiff Double Vendor Bill - Item Receipt Quantity Difference
receiptquantity Double Vendor Bill - Item Receipt Quantity Tolerance
purchaseorderamount Double Vendor Bill - Purchase Order Amount Tolerance
purchaseorderquantitydiff Double Vendor Bill - Purchase Order Quantity Difference
purchaseorderquantity Double Vendor Bill - Purchase Order Quantity Tolerance
vendorname String Vendor Name/Code
vendreturnvarianceaccount String Vendor Return Variance Account
weightunit String Weight Unit
weightunits String Weight Units
wipacct String WIP Account
wipvarianceacct String WIP Variance Account
buildtime Double Work Order Lead Time

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Build 20.0.7606