BizTalk Adapter for NetSuite

Build 20.0.7606


The inventoryItemLocations table.


Name Type References Description
atpleadtime Integer ATP Lead Time
averagecostmli Decimal Average Cost
backwardconsumptiondays Integer Backward Consumption Days
invtclassification String Classification
costaccountingstatus String Cost Accounting Status
costinglotsize Double Costing Lot Size
invtcountinterval Integer Count Interval
currentstandardcost Decimal Current Standard Cost
currentstandardcosteffectivedate Date Current Standard Cost Effective Date
defaultreturncost Decimal Default Return Cost
demandtimefence Integer Demand Time Fence
fixedlotsize Double Fixed Lot Size
forwardconsumptiondays Integer Forward Consumption Days
inventorycosttemplate String Inventory Cost Template
item String Item
lastinvtcountdate Date Last Count Date
lastpurchasepricemli Decimal Last Purchase Price
location String Location
supplylotsizingmethod String Lot Sizing Method
nextinvtcountdate Date Next Count Date
periodiclotsizedays Integer Periods of Supply Increment
periodiclotsizetype String Periods of Supply Type
supplytimefence Integer Planning Time Fence
preferredstocklevel Double Preferred Stock Level
quantityavailable Double Quantity Available
quantitybackordered Double Quantity Back Ordered
quantitycommitted Double Quantity Committed
quantityintransit Double Quantity In Transit
qtyintransitexternal Double Quantity In Transit (External)
quantityonhand Double Quantity On Hand
quantityonorder Double Quantity On Order
reorderpoint Double Reorder Point
rescheduleindays Integer Reschedule In Days
rescheduleoutdays Integer Reschedule Out Days
cost Decimal Standard Cost
supplytype String Supply Type

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Build 20.0.7606