BizTalk Adapter for NetSuite

Build 20.0.7606


The cardholderAuthentication table.


Name Type References Description
threedstransactionid String 3D Secure Transaction Id
threedstranstatusreason String 3D Secure Transaction Status Reason
threedsversion String 3D Secure Version
acceptheader String Accept Header
amount Decimal Amount
billingaddress String Bill To
entity String Cardholder
cavv String Cardholder Authetication Verification Value (CAVV)
challengewindowsize String Challenge window size
currency String Currency
eci String E-Commerce Indicator (ECI)
externalid String External ID
authenticatedeviceformaction String Form Action
challengeshopperformaction String Form Action
authenticatedeviceformid String Form ID
challengeshopperformid String Form ID
id Integer Internal ID
ipaddress String IP Address
paymentmethod String -No label-
notificationurl String Notification
paymentoption String Payment Option
paymentprocessingprofile String Payment processing profile
shippingaddress String Ship To
status String Status
subsidiary String Subsidiary

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Build 20.0.7606