BizTalk Adapter for NetSuite

Build 20.0.7606


The account table.


Name Type References Description
category1099misc String 1099-MISC Category
sbankcompanyid String Bank Account Number
sbankname String Bank Name
sbankroutingnumber String Bank Routing Number
cashflowrate String Cash Flow Rate Type
currency String Currency
deferralacct String Deferral Account
description String Description
accountsearchdisplayname String Display Name
displaynamewithhierarchy String Display Name (with hierarchy)
externalid String External ID
fullname String Full Name
generalrate String General Rate Type
isinactive Boolean Inactive
includechildren Boolean Include Children
id Integer Internal ID
inventory Boolean Inventory
accountsearchdisplaynamecopy String Name
acctnumber String Number
class String Restrict to Class
department String Restrict to Department
location String Restrict to Location
revalue Boolean Revalue Open Balance for Foreign Currency Transactions
sspecacct String Special Account Type
parent String Subaccount of
subsidiary String Subsidiaries
issummary Boolean Summary
billableexpensesacct String Track Billable Expenses in
accttype String Type

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Build 20.0.7606