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CData BizTalk Adapter for HubSpot 2019 - Build 19.0.7424

Retrieve the current ecommerce settings for your portal or app.

Table Specific Information

The Ecommerce Settings table is where you set up the property mappings for your use of the Ecommerce Bridge API.


When selecting settings, they can only be filtered by the AppId and only one AppId at a time. Otherwise they can be selected without a filter, which will cause all settings in your HubSpot account to be listed. For example:

SELECT * FROM EcommerceSettings

SELECT * FROM EcommerceSettings WHERE AppId='123456'


Name Type ReadOnly References Description
PropertyName String True

Name of the property.

DataType String True

Data type of the property.


TargetHubspotProperty String True

Name of the target property on Hubspot that this property represents.

Enabled Boolean True

Boolean value that shows if this representation of this property is enabled or not.

ImportOnInstall Boolean True

Boolean value that shows if this property should be imported during installation procedure.

SettingType String True

The type of the property. It can be: Product, Deal, LineItem or Contact

The allowed values are PRODUCT, DEAL, CONTACT, LINE_ITEM.

AppId String True

The app ID in which the property is or will be imported.

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