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Contact property groups in HubSpot offer a way of organizing individual types of properties for contacts. Each contact property must belong to a property group.

Table Specific Information

Contact property groups offer a means of organizing the various custom properties that are available for defining properties about a given contact. Contact property groups can be selected, inserted, updated, or deleted from this table.


Contact property groups can only be filtered by the unique contact property group name. For example:

SELECT * FROM ContactPropertyGroups WHERE Name = 'property_group_name'


Name Type ReadOnly References Description
Name [KEY] String True

The name of the contact property group.

DisplayName String False

The display name of the contact group.

DisplayOrder Integer False

The numerical order of the contact group with respect to other contact groups.

ExtraUrlParameters String True

An input only property for specifying additional parameters when selecting data from HubSpot. Specify the parameters as name=value pairs in a comma separated list. For instance, 'param1=value1,param2=value2,param3=value3'.

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