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CData BizTalk Adapter for HubSpot 2019 - Build 19.0.7424

Gets the HubSpot authorization URL. Access the URL returned in the output in an Internet browser. This requests the access token that can be used as part of the connection string to HubSpot.


Name Type Description
RequiredScopes String Scopes required for your app. At least one must be specified and if you have created an app, all of the scopes you have selected for the app as being required should be specified.

The default value is contacts.

OptionalScopes String Optional scopes that are requested but are ignored if not specified. These do not need to be specified in your app and will not cause an error if the HubSpot account being connected to does not have access to them.

The default value is content social automation files forms timeline e-commerce business-intelligence integration-sync tickets sales-email-read.

CallbackUrl String The URL that HubSpot will return to after the user has authorized your app.
State String Indicates any state which may be useful to your application upon receipt of the response. Your application receives the same value it sent, as this parameter makes a round-trip to the HubSpot authorization server and back. Uses include redirecting the user to the correct resource in your site, using nonces, and mitigating cross-site request forgery.

Result Set Columns

Name Type Description
URL String The URL to be entered into a Web browser to obtain the verifier token and authorize the adapter with.

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