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CData BizTalk Adapter for HubSpot 2019 - Build 19.0.7424

Accessing Custom Fields

If you have defined a large number of custom fields, SELECT * queries can fail with an error as HubSpot limits how many fields can be requested. To avoid the error, you can specify the custom fields you want to return in the text files specified by ContactPropertiesFile and DealPropertiesFile. Alternatively, specify the primary key in the WHERE clause.

If the detected column sizes for custom fields are not sufficient, you can specify the sizes in ColumnSizes.

Fine-Tuning Data Access

You can use the following properties to gain more control over column names:

  • UseDisplayNames
  • UseSimpleNames

Create an App

The CData BizTalk Adapter for HubSpot 2019 is already registered with HubSpot; to display your own information to users when they log in, follow the steps below to register an app: Follow the steps below to obtain the OAuth client credentials, the OAuthClientId and OAuthClientSecret:

  1. Log into your HubSpot developer account.
  2. Click Create application.
  3. If you will only use the app to connect to your portal, select Private.

    If other users will use the app to connect to their own portals, select Public.

  4. Click the name of your app (or click edit).
  5. Enter values to be displayed to users when you connect. These values include the app name, author name, and a description of the app.
  6. Make note of or copy the Client ID and Client Secret to be used for the OAuthClientId and OAuthClientSecret properties.
Additionally, set CallbackURL to http://localhost when you connect.

Connecting Through a Firewall or Proxy

HTTP Proxies

To connect through the Windows system proxy, you do not need to set any additional connection properties. To connect to other proxies, set ProxyAutoDetect to false.

In addition, to authenticate to an HTTP proxy, set ProxyAuthScheme, ProxyUser, and ProxyPassword, in addition to ProxyServer and ProxyPort.

Other Proxies

Set the following properties:

  • To use a proxy-based firewall, set FirewallType, FirewallServer, and FirewallPort.
  • To tunnel the connection, set FirewallType to TUNNEL.
  • To authenticate, specify FirewallUser and FirewallPassword.
  • To authenticate to a SOCKS proxy, additionally set FirewallType to SOCKS5.

Troubleshooting the Connection

To show adapter activity from query execution to network traffic, use Logfile and Verbosity. The examples of common connection errors below show how to use these properties to get more context. Contact the support team for help tracing the source of an error or circumventing a performance issue.

  • Authentication errors: Typically, recording a Logfile at Verbosity 4 is necessary to get full details on an authentication error.
  • Queries time out: A server that takes too long to respond will exceed the adapter's client-side timeout. Often, setting the Timeout property to a higher value will avoid a connection error. Another option is to disable the timeout by setting the property to 0. Setting Verbosity to 2 will show where the time is being spent.

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