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Updating Data with Table Objects

Queries can also be executed individually by the session with a call to "execute()".

Obtaining the Table Object

The query supplied to this method is constructed using the associated Table object of a mapped class. This Table object is obtained from the mapped class's metadata field, as below:

Clients_table = Clients.metadata.tables["Clients"]

Once the table object is obtained, the write operations are executed in the following ways. Bear in mind that the queries are executed immediately without the need for a call to "commit()":


The following example adds a new record to the table:

session.execute(Clients_table.insert(), {"Email": "Jon Doe", "Username": "John"})


The following example modifies an existing record in the table:

session.execute(Clients_table.update().where(Clients_table.c.Id == "20050").values(Email="Jon Doe", Username="John"))


The following example removes an existing record from the table:

session.execute(Clients_table.delete().where(Clients_table.c.Id == "20050"))

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Build 20.0.7587