BizTalk Adapter for FreshBooks

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Payments are a record of the payments made on your invoices.


Name Type ReadOnly Description
Id [KEY] Integer True

The unique identifier of the payment.

AccountingSystemId String False

The unique identifier of the business the client exists on.

Amount Decimal False

Amount paid on invoice to two decimal places.

ClientId Integer False

Identifier of client who made the payment.

Code String False

Three-letter currency code of payment.

CreditId Integer False

Identifier of related credit.

Date String False

Date the payment was made. (YYYY-MM-DD)

FromCredit Boolean False

Indicates whether or not the payment was converted from a credit on a client's account.

Gateway String False

The payment processor used, if any.

InvoiceId Integer False

The identifier of the related invoice.

Note String False

Notes on payment, often used for credit card reference number.

OrderId Integer False

Identifier of related order.

OverpaymentId Integer False

Identifier of related overpayment if relevant.

TransactionId Integer False

Identifier of the related transaction.

Type String False

The type of the payment: 'Check', 'Credit', 'Cash', etc.

Updated Datetime False

Date object was last updated. (YYYY-MM-DD)

VisState Integer False

0 for active, 1 for deleted.

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Build 20.0.7587