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Querying Data

CData Excel Add-In for FreshBooks 2019 - Build 19.0.7354

The add-in integrates with the Excel toolbar and ribbon, adding controls for querying and editing FreshBooks.

Building an SQL SELECT Query

After Establishing a Connection, select tables, columns, and filters -- as you make changes, the add-in generates the underlying SELECT query. Edit the query directly to execute joins, aggregations, or more complex SELECT Statements. See Data Model for more information on how the add-in models FreshBooks as a database, including any required columns to search or update data.

  1. Click "From FreshBooks" from the CData ribbon to open the Data Selection wizard.
  2. In the Connection menu, select a connection or select the option to create a new connection.
  3. Select a table to start building the query. You can define filters, column aliases, and a limit on the records to return.

Querying Data with Cell References and Formulas

By Writing Parameterized Queries, you can reference cells to dynamically search FreshBooks. The following query filters on cell A2 of the sheet InputSheet:

SELECT * FROM Clients WHERE Email = @InputSheet!A2

To execute parameterized queries in the Data Selection dialog, you need to edit the query directly.

Setting the Location of Results

In the Sheet Name box, enter the name of the worksheet that should contain the retrieved data. Additionally, in the Start Data at Row box enter the row where the query results should start.

Refreshing Data Automatically

Select the Enable Auto Refresh option to poll FreshBooks for changes over an interval specified in seconds. You can also refresh the spreadsheet on demand from the ribbon.

Note that the refresh overwrites local changes -- if you have local changes, you are prompted to accept a warning before refreshing the sheet.

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